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Jun 15, 2005



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Very soothing and cultural. Keep it up!I loved the pics and the music,thanks a lot.


Very cute! I love? MoM sooo much! And The Bravest Man I Ever Knew is one of my all time favorite songs of theirs. Snape rules!

Rahmi from Holiday In Angkor Watt

Thanks for posting it.

Anny Lenok

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melissa ung

hello my name is melissa and im eleven years old i live in new zealand where do u live ? i am part Cambodian how ? my mum is cambodian and mostly part of my family she use 2 live in Cambodia in the village in siem reap last year 2006 we went 2 cambodia for the first time in my life and met the rest of my family this year i am goin for the last time i really love cambodia


Hi Ashly, i think so although i might be wrong too.


isn't ankgor wat one of the biggest temples in the world? i hope to go there someday!


Though I don't understand the music, I really loved it. Very soothing. I also enjoyed the pictures. Made me wish I could spend some time there myself.



a how Angkor has more than 1000 years old history...

will post more correct information after I get it from some trusted source...



to know more about History see this


po'oun srey very nice...

I don't know why but when ever I see Angkor Temple ... I feel some bound to it ... it is strange that I never be there in this life ... but some how sth with that...

and now Ur nice video of Angkor pictures.. just make me much more feel so...

keep posting such things... :o)..

Nathan Peters

I liked the music in this one.


Hello Doug, thanks for the comment, i will try my best for the videoblongging!!!!

Thanks again!!

Doug Arrison

Hey Eath,

Very nice! I loved the pics and the music. Very soothing and cultural. Keep it up!



Hello there Mike, thank you for stopping daughter's name is Jampadevi but we call her Jampa...and she is two years old, she was born in Thialand but she is not Thia though i whish she was but not!!

well anyways i hope you like my work and have funn!!

thanks for the beautifull comments again:)

Michael Meiser

sorry, mistype. You call her Jampa for for short, not Jamba. Right?

My mistake. :(

Michael Meiser

Hi Eath!

Loved the videos of your birthday. Wish I could have made it. Jamba's header off the pipe was amazing, she didn't even cry or hurt herself. A perfect backwards summersault into the water. She's a tough girl. :)

Angkor Watt is a beautiful place. BTW, it's aprox. 1100 AD.

But I cheat, I've been reading up on it since we last talked over at Wikipedia. They've got a pretty good article.


-Mike at

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