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May 11, 2005



cMo canada goose cBe


Eath, your video remind me of my home land. I missed my homeland, missed srok khmer,missed my sister down there. Thank you for sharing the video....Moeun/kmx


This is very cool. Paoun srey, You made me miss srok khmer so much.....the background music and the scene is so touching.


They all look like very happy people.


is it mecong-river...

after 1/3 rd of video I can not see any thing .. please check

nice background music...




hey eath. this was great! just make sure u cut out what you don't need. there is a lot of blank video at the end... this increases your file size. talk to you later.


your videos keep getting better and better.
you have such skill!
i cant believe you just started editing 2 days ago
you are a natural pro!


I can't tell you how happy I am that I found your vlog. It's funny but just last night I saw a feature on Cambodia and thought "I would love to go there one day." Please keep posting. Can't wait to see more of your experiences! :)

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