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May 24, 2005



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wow! poan srey! Such a sweet kid u're having there. She's so cute and has a lovely smile the same as yours...


Eath,Erik, Champa is so cute...she very smart guys lucky to have her...Moeun/kmx


man jampa she's sooooo adorable


hi eath!
this video is beautiful! i love to watch the way that children amuse themselves (i.e. playing in the sand alone and sliding on the pavement going "wheeee") jampa is so adorable, and you seem to be a great mom :)


She is soooo cute! I wish I had more video of my daughter when she was that age. They grow up so fast.

Kim L.P.


What's such a little cute girl you have there...She's so sweettt! But I wonder how come u don't speak any Khmer with her. Well, I ignore if u do also speak Khmer with ur sweety in life. If so, I encourage to continue, if not well please have a second on this.

Well, I don't want to be bad,closed minded or anything. But it's just too desesperated to see Khmers don't speak Khmers. And that's included for mixed kids. There're no any harm to speak more than one language.

Thank you for sharing anything in here. I have a big pleasure to surf on it! :)


Wow she is a cutie or what? Kids are fun.. I have 2 of my oun. Good luck!!!


Wow..Jampa youve grown so fast...I remember seeing you in the stroller near times still look adorable as will grow into a beautiful lady...hope to see more pictures of you


heyyy eath!!! but wow jampa is sooo cute and adorable.. she should go in the entertainment actress bussiness... hehe... your so lucky to have a daughter like her... cosh id love to have her!! but okay take care now untill next time i'll talk to you later!! =D

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